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 Basic Information Name Facial recognition with Temperature measurement
Model UT670
System Linux
Display screen Dimensions 7 inches
Luminance 450cd/m2
Resolution 1024×600
Cameras Resolution 200W(1920×1080)
Sensors 1/2.7’  CMOS
Lens 4mm &F2.2
White balance Automatic, low color temperature, high color temperature, manual
WDR Support
Fill lamp RGB and IR
Body temperature  Temperature range 30℃~45℃
Temperature range 50cm
Precision ±0.5℃
Intelligent function Detection Angle Vertical: 90 degrees, horizontal: 53 degrees
Face detection Maximum face detection
Storage capacity 20,000 faces, 100,000 records
1:N  The recognition speed ≤0.2 s / person, the recognition accuracy ≥99.99%
Stranger detection Support
Identification Distance 0.3m-1m
Configuration settings Web Configuration, remote device upgrade
Identification parameter Black and white list, detection sensitivity, comparison threshold, Area Defense, face frame switch
Biopsy Support
Mask detection Support
Interface Means of communication Support Cable
Network 1 PCS 10/100M、RJ45
Audio Built-in speaker, voice broadcast
Relay  1 Normally Open Signal, 1 normally closed signal
Wigan 26、34 (D0、D1、GND)
Switching signal Switch Button Access 1, door magnetic signal access 1
Reset Support
Conventional parameter Power DV12±30%
Working Environment Indoor Environment;-30℃~70℃&10~90%RH
Protection level IP54
Installation mode Bracket selection, wall mounting, brake mounting
Dimensions(mm) L*W*H:247mm*126.9mm *26.6mm
Weight ≈1.5kg


5.0 inch capacitive touch screen 854 * 480
Valid Distance 0.3-0.5 meter, Accuracy: ±0.5 ℃
Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
Temperature sensor measure range -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Running memory 512M, storage capacity flash 1GB.
Face recognition accuracy better than 99%